Summer is here and you have to cool off with water sports. Both fun, cool and fit.

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In hot weather, I want to exercise. But sometimes I feel that it’s too easy to get tired. because the hotter it gets, the more sweat is lost This makes playing sports and exercising not much fun. Play for a while and you will run out of energy. If you’re thinking of doing sports and exercising in this hot weather, it’s a good idea to go for water sports. because it responds to the weather conditions not only that Water sports are also fun Juicy cool off the heat And it also allows us to exert slimming at the same time. But what kind of water sports are interesting? Let’s find the answer .

FREEDIVING Freediving Practice meditation and strengthen your body.

The first water sport that I would like to introduce is FREEDIVING. Going for a swim would be nice anyway. But going for a swim just wouldn’t be much fun. Let’s try to play like diving, it’s not less interesting at all. Because FREEDIVING sports diving is a non-ventilator diving, it is a new kind of fun that is quite challenging. The mood is like playing online gambling via website that you really need to be in order to win. And gambling games on the web are no different from diving. Because those games will take you deep into another kind of fun. FREEDIVING gives you a feeling similar to that. This type of diving is divided into 3 types:

  • STA is a type of diving in still water without moving. or that is, the competition for distilling breathing under water Whoever competes like this, the lung power must be good.
  • Dynamic is a long-distance diving competition. Or it can be called a flat race that has it all. which this form will require more physical Must combine both the ability to swim and dive.
  • Scuba Diving is a deep diving competition. It’s a race to see who can dive the deepest. which will come up to the surface periodically

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is cool and fun to train your muscles.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, also known as SUP for short, is another type of water sport that has become quite popular in recent years. This sport is similar to surfing. plus paddle sports which the format is The players will stand on the board and paddle across the water. It seems easy, but it’s actually very difficult. It’s another water sport that’s great for training your concentration, balance, leg and core strength. It is another type that has begun to gain popularity in our country.

In this hot summer If anyone has the opportunity to go to the sea or water attractions Don’t miss out on trying the water sports we introduced here. Nowadays, various tourist attractions have begun to be used as activities for tourists to do to solve loneliness as well. which you do not have to be afraid of danger Because every sport mentioned above is always under the supervision of skilled staff, so you can be assured that playing is safe