Swimming in a triathlon How is it different from general swimming competitions?

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The beginning of water sports comes from learning to swim. Which this sport is considered very good and useful. Swimming today we will see that it is one of the school’s teaching courses. Because in addition to being a sport that is played to keep the body healthy Swimming is a survival skill. From the past statistics, we often see children who die from drowning often. Starting to learn how to use water from a young age is a great start. Coming to the competition will see that general swimming competition will focus on making time But there will be another so-called extraordinary swimming competition, which is swimming in triathlons. called very cruel Today we are going to take you to look at the differences in swimming in both sports.

general swimming

We will see the competition very often at various events and at major events such as the SEA Games, Asian Games and Olympic Games. Swimming competitions are divided into 4 positions: butterfly pose, freestyle pose, frog pose and backstroke. There will be distances of 50 meters, 100 meters and 200 meters, etc. The focus of the competition is the matter of time. Whoever has the least amount of time will be the winner. Therefore, swimmers must focus on practicing leg spin and arm stroke for maximum speed. The swimming pool used is a standard pool, with a length of 50 meters and a depth of at least 1.2 meters. when the whistle sounds Athletes will jump from the podium. and swimming competitions

triathlon swimming

If you’ve seen general swimming Let’s take a look at some triathlon swimming. The race is divided into 3 phases: swimming, running and cycling. But for the most part, swimming is organized as the first race before going on to other sports. Triathlon swims are quite long, starting at 750 meters, 1.5 kilometers, 1.9 kilometers, and 3.8 kilometers. Athletes who will come down are strong. The first thing that is required is physical strength. next is stamina Because the distance used in the competition is considered longer than general swimming. If swimming is not tough enough may be dangerous Next is the story of the pool. Triathlon races use swimming pools, natural pools or the sea, where athletes face obstacles while swimming. whether it is the color of the water, the waves, the wind, etc.

The similarities and differences of the pool 2.

It can be seen that normal swimming competitions are comfortable. And there is excitement that is different from competing in a triathlon. From the environment, time and distance as for triathlon. Of course, part of the race is timed. But what is more important is the emphasis on stamina. Athletes who will compete At least 3-4 months of physical training is required to be able to complete the race.