5 ways to take care of your eyes Effectively say goodbye to cataract problems

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As girls know better, cataracts are conditions in which the lens of the eye changes. Normally, the lens of the eye looks clear. But when cataracts The lens of the eye will change to a darker color. This results in the light not being able to enter the eye. As a result, people with this disease can’t see clearly. Or have blurred vision Today we want to invite girls. turn to take care of the eyes To prevent cataracts too. Let’s see how to take care of your own eyes.

5 ways to take care of your eyes Effectively say goodbye to cataract problems

1. Eat food that nourishes the eyes.
At first, girls must pay attention to food first. The food that can help take care of the eyes and prevent cataracts is Foods containing beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, these nutrients also help prevent macular degeneration. Along with helping to nourish the eyes and preserve the eyes to be healthier.

2. Wear sunglasses when outdoors.
Wearing sunglasses every time you are outdoors. It is something that girls Absolutely should not be overlooked. Should pay attention to wearing glasses like applying sunscreen before going out, the better. Because sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation. which is an important factor that hurts the eyes As well as causing the lens to deteriorate faster than usual as well.

3. Take a break from the screen periodically
for girls who have to work on a computer screen every day. and spend hours in front of a computer screen at a time You need to rest your eyes from the screen from time to time. Girls can rest their eyes from the screen in a simple way, which is to look far away for about 1-2 minutes after staring at the screen for about 30 minutes, or use the method of closing your eyes for a moment to rest. eyesight as well

4. Have regular eye health checks,
whether you are confident that your eyes do not have any abnormalities. You should check your eye health regularly. Especially when it comes to the age of 40 years, the eyes must be examined annually. In order to be able to cope and receive treatment in a timely manner. As long as various abnormalities are detected That happened to the eyes itself.

5. Don’t buy medicine to eat by yourself.
It is important to always be aware of eye strain. or feel any abnormalities What happens to the eyes is Don’t buy medicine by yourself. Especially buying bolus, decoction, herbal medicine, pot medicine or even dietary supplements. But should seek medical attention immediately when abnormal symptoms occur with the eyes. Because of buying drugs to eat by yourself May risk causing the body to receive steroids, which are latent in those drugs If accumulation occurs for a long time It will cause the eye lens to deteriorate. It also has a chance to develop cataracts faster as well.

Do not forget that the eyes are very important organs. And it is an organ that is prone to various diseases. got a lot as well Especially the behavior or daily life of girls that have a chance to cause eye deterioration easily. Because we can’t deny ourselves either that In one day we spend more than an hour staring at a computer screen or mobile phone https://ufabet999.com for sure.