Take a look at 7 players with a bright future in Copa America 2024

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  • Copa America is set to begin on June 21, 2024.
  • The favorites are Argentina and Brazil, sending promising youngsters like Carnacho and Endrik into the competition.
Take a look at 7 players with a bright future in Copa America 2024

In addition to Euro 2024 , which is about to be played in the next few days. There is also another football tournament, Copa America 2024. That will begin competing around the same time. Of course, the players from the Americas are as talented as European players, especially the superpowers of football like Brazil, who often produce new Samba players for the world to see almost every year. There is also Argentina, the most recent world champion team, as favorites in this tournament. Including many dark horse nations that absolutely cannot be overlooked, today would like to take everyone to see 7 players with a bright future who may explode with form that the world will remember in Copa America 2024.

1. Alejandro Garnacho (Argentina)

Alejandro Carnacho has already shown his performance to astonish the world with Manchester United. His next stop is to seize the starting place with Argentina, who are the most recent World Cup champions. And of course, playing with quality players like Lionel Messi, Julian Alvarez, Lautaro Martinez, Enzo Fernandez, Alexis. Mac Allister will definitely help polish this star to have more quality and experience. Incidentally, he may also be an important key man helping the Sky Blues be successful in this tournament as well.

2. Santiago Jimenez (Mexico)

The absence of three key players, Raul Jimenez, Herving Lozano, and Guillermo Ochoa, has forced Mexico to turn to youngster Santiago Jimi. Nez, who is extremely hot with Feyenoord right now, this 23-year-old star is a mainstay for the team, scoring 26 goals in the latest season under the team control of A. René Slot, so defenders should never underestimate his scoring prowess.

3. Kendry Paez (Ecuador)

Many people have probably heard of youngster Kendry Paez because this 17-year-old star has already moved to Chelsea in advance for a price of 12 million euros, so he definitely has something. And we’re about to see how much Chelsea’s investment has been worth as Paez is one of Ecuador’s Copa America 2024 players. Kendry Paez’s highlight is his agility in playing with. Ball Including the decisive finish. Making this bright-footed youngster one to watch.

4. Janquel Herrera (Venezuela)

After being a nomadic player, moving between different teams over the years, Jankel Herrera has finally found the right team and form for himself with Girona in La Liga, Spain, where the star is a force. Important principles helped the team finish 3rd in last year’s scoreboard. With the ability to play as both a number 6 and a number 8 player, this former Manchester City player should be quite useful in helping the Venezuelan national team fight hard in Copa America 2024.

5. Folarin Balogun (USA)

A former rising star of the Arsenal team  he moved to grow into an important striker role for AS Monaco. In the 2022/23 season, Balogun scored 22 goals with the Stade De. Reims in the French Ligue 1 before moving to Monaco and scoring 8 goals in the latest season. Balogun has played for the England national youth team for almost 30 matches before deciding to play for the United States in the senior team. With more opportunities to play on the field. His performance at the national team level can be called extraordinary. Therefore, in this competition, Balogun may create a surprise for the big teams.

6. Endric (Brazil)

It can be said that this is big news after Real Madrid invested a huge sum of money to bring this young star to the team last year. However, at the age of 17, Endric was dubbed the “New Pele” because of his speed. That’s too bad for your age. He has played more than 82 matches for the Palmeiras senior club, including on behalf of the senior Brazilian national team. Youngster Endrik has already been flagged for 5 matches and has scored 3 goals as well, so it may not be It can be denied that this is a beautiful gem that the White King team has already captured.

7. John Duran (Colombia)

Even though Luis Diaz is undeniably the star player of this Colombian team. But another name that is following closely is John Duran, the rising star striker of Aston Villa, who has previously scored against Liverpool in the ทางเข้า ufabet Premier League , and although he has injuries that plague him from time to time, Whenever he’s fit, John Duran is a constant source of embarrassment for defenders, so much so that Chelsea even made an approach to sign him last winter.