“Grizzlies” squeezed out victory over “Warriors” 117-112 win the last playoff ticket

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The Memphis Grizzlies are expected to beat the Golden State Warriors 117-112 in the 2020 NBA season. 21

On May 22, 2020, the 2020-21 NBA season, Western Basketball, play-in round, Golden State Warriors opened the Chase Center field to welcome the visit. Memphis Grizzlies

Opening of the first quarter The two teams faced each other before the Memphis Grizzlies took a 30-29 lead over the Golden State Warriors in the second quarter of Memphis A. The Rizzley added 32 points, leading the Golden State Warriors 62-49.

Then in the third quarter, the Golden State Warriors sacked the Memphis Grizzlies to 73-78, while the fourth quarter were the Golden State Warriors. Went 26 points until chasing the Memphis Grizzlies 99-99 and in extra time, it was the Memphis Grizzlies who collected 18 points. Golden State With just 13 points, the Memphis Grizzlies defeated the  Golden State Warriors 117-112 to secure their last play-off ticket. accomplished

The Memphis Grizzlies will face the Utah Jazz, the No. 1 Western team. in the play-off round, while the Golden State Warriors lost their place in the play-off round for the second season in a row.