Thai young girl can resist Turkey only one set. before losing for the 7th consecutive match in the Nations League

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Volleyball Nations League 2021 Week 3 Match 1 in Rimini, Italy on June 6, 2021. The Thai girl team who has not won 6 matches meets Turkey, who has won 6 matches in a row. Meeting in the last 5 matches, Thailand won only 1 match.

This game, Thailand sent the first 6 players, consisting of Malika Kanthong, Onuma Sitthirak, Pluemjit Thinkhao, Sutatta Chuawoolim, Amporn Ya. Pha and Sirima Manakit,

both teams opened the first set with an offensive game. exchange for fun With the big brothers of the team, Onuma and Pluemjit, help support the game until the Thai girls team. Finally defeated 25-23, the

second set, Thailand was unable to break through Turkey’s high blocks. Making it a disadvantage and losing 12-25, tied 1-1, the

third set, Thailand sent Karina and Nootsara hoping to change the game. But Turkey still has a tougher defensive game than Thailand, losing 20-25, 1-2 sets behind.

Fourth set, Turkey is still hot. Slap to score as water Until defeating Thailand 25-9, resulting in Thailand losing the 7th match with a score of 1-3 sets 23-25, 12-25, 20-25 and 9-25,

the next Thai national team will be on the field on the 8th June 2021 at 15.00 (Thailand time) will meet with Russia