How to eat bread without gaining weight during weight loss

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In Japan, there are various types of bread that are uniquely delicious. and deliciousness often increases with seasonal ingredients Although it is known that eating bread makes it easy to gain weight. But many people can’t resist buying bread. Let’s know techniques for choosing bread to not get fat during diet or weight control from Japanese people.

How to eat bread without gaining weight during weight loss

The type of bread that makes it easy to gain weight and difficult to gain.

When you go to a bakery or bakery corner in a supermarket, there are always different kinds of bread that look delicious. Breads that are easy to eat and make you fat are: Sweet buns with cream fillings, chocolate fillings, red bean fillings, and sugar-filled fried bread. and breads stuffed with fried foods such as croquettes and fried chicken, for example UFABET.

Techniques for choosing bread to not get fat during weight loss

1. Choose to eat bread that does not make you fat easily.

Choose to eat bread that does not make you fat easily, including French Toast, Bagels, and Whole Wheat Bread Low sugar sweets and bread stuffed with ham, chicken breast, eggs or tuna, for example, instead of bread stuffed with fried foods and sweet fillings.

2. Taking into account the amount of energy received into the body,

women and men need the minimum calories used in daily life (Basal metabolism) on average about 1,400 and 1,800 kilocalories, respectively. A pound of bread cut into 6 pieces. Each piece has about 150 kcal of energy. But if eaten with cheese, ham, eggs and vegetables, it will provide about 300-400 kilocalories of energy, which is the same amount of energy as 1 meal. Will help stop eating bread in excess.

3. Eat bread once a day and not every day.

Although bread is a menu that can be bought quickly and easily. But eating bread alone for breakfast or lunch often makes you feel hungry so easily that you need an extra snack. It increases the amount of calories into the body. If you want to eat bread for lunch, avoid bread that is high in calories. Eating bread along with vegetables and protein-packed side dishes will keep you full for longer while getting a balanced nutritional profile. However, choosing foods that are low in carbohydrates such as rice, brown rice and buckwheat instead of bread every day will help you to lose weight and control your weight better.

When in the process of losing or controlling weight but unable to stop eating bread Instead, opt for low-calorie bread and eat it with fiber and good quality protein. Although the bread looks delicious. But to think that if you want to get 100 calories out of your body, you need to use the following activities: 10 minutes of jogging, 10 minutes of push-ups, 10 minutes of jumping rope, 10 minutes of walking in the water, 15 minutes of playing soccer, and 15 minutes of walking up the stairs. minutes, etc. will help restrain us from picking up bread well.