Hurst urges Spurs to let Kane leave

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Harry Kane is considered one of the pots of Tottenham Hotspur. Although he was released to collect experience with many teams. But eventually returned to Tottenham Hotspur was also the main character. Of the team with a great performance, Especially a sharp goal and with such a great performance. There are many teams who want Harry Kane to join the team very much. But Tottenham Hotspur also confirmed that Harry Kane will not be released from the team in any case. Even if the price is very high.

For example, In the past season it was Manchester City. He wanted Harry Kane to join the team before being quickly rejected. But Harry Kane’s performance in the 2021/22 season was not particularly good. In the English Premier League, still unable to score a single goal. Which Sir Jeff Hurts suggested that Tottenham Hotspur sell Harry Kane out of the team better and should keep Only a player who wants to stay with the team if Tottenham Hotspur hopes to return to success again.

“Tottenham Hotspur’s situation is very clear and Harry Kane should be released from the squad in order to keep players who want to stay at the club with the only goal of returning to UEFA. Champions League again Tottenham Hotspur will be a great team and have a very strong squad but Tottenham Hotspur need to move on and some players. People need to part ways with Tottenham to allow more prepared players to become the mainstays, although Harry Kane remains a key figure at Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs, but from the past, it looks like he doesn’t want to stay with Tottenham Hotspur anymore.” ufabet