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Vieira ready to give Olise more opportunities

Vieira ready to give Olise more opportunities

Crystal Palace’s France manager Patrick Vieira is ready to give Michael Olise more of the start after his impressive display against West Ham United. It seems that the arrival of Patrick Vieira will change Crystal Palace a lot because from the original selection of players

Hurst urges Spurs to let Kane leave

Hurst urges Spurs to let Kane leave

Harry Kane is considered one of the pots of Tottenham Hotspur. Although he was released to collect experience with many teams. But eventually returned to Tottenham Hotspur was also the main character. Of the team with a great performance, Especially a sharp goal and with

Barca fans booed Griezmann

Barca fans booed Griezmann, blamed for Messi’s transfer

Antoine Griezmann, Barcelona forward being booed by football fans while driving to the training ground french striker Being accused by fans that it was his fault that Lionel Messi made the club’s legend. have to leave the team The reason why Barcelona fans Dissatisfied with Griezmann Probably due to his inability


old or new

The current badminton match score counting is that in each game, whoever or any pair gets 21 points before winning and must have a total of 2 out of 3 games first, will be the winner of that match. This system was first used in