Match: [America Major League] Los Angeles VS Real Salt Lake

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Match: [America Major League] Los Angeles VS Real Salt Lake

Race time : Saturday 17 July 2021 09:30

Open Rate: Los Angeles to 0.5
Banc of California Stadium.

Last meeting of all events
USA MLS 04/07/21 Real Salt Lake 0-1 Los Angeles
05/10/20 Real Salt Lake 1-3 Los Angeles
10/09/20 Real Salt Lake 3-0 Los Angeles
18/08/19 Real Salt Lake 0-2 Los Angeles California
USA CUP 12/06/19 Real Salt Lake 0-3 Los Angeles
24/03/19 Los Angeles 2-1 Real Salt Lake. C
02/11/18 Los Angeles 2-3 Real Salt Lake
16/08/18 Los Angeles 2-0 Real Salt Lake
11/03/18 Real Salt Lake 1-5 Los Angeles

Overall host
USA MLS 08/07/21 Austin FC 0-2 Los Angeles
04/07/21 Real Salt Lake 0-1 Los Angeles
27/06/21 Sporting Kansas City 2-1 Los Angeles
24/06/21 Los Angeles 2-0 FC Dallas
20/06/21 Los Angeles 1-1 Houston Dynamo
30/05/21 Los Angeles 1-2 New York City FC
23/05/21 Los Angeles 2-1 Colorado Rapids
17/05/21 Seattle Sounders 2-0 Los Angeles
09/05/21 LA Galaxy 2-1 Los Angeles
02/05/21 Houston Dynamo 1-1 Los Angeles

Away Team
USA MLS 08/07/21 Vancouver Whitecaps 0-4 Real Salt Lake
04/07/21 Real Salt Lake 0-1 Los Angeles California
27/06/21 Real Salt Lake 1-1 Houston Dynamo
24/06/21 Seattle Sounders 2-1 Real Salt Lake
19/06/21 Real Salt Lake 3-1 Vancouver Whitecaps
30/05/21 Real Salt Lake 1-1 Minnesota United
23/05/21 FC DalLus 2-2 Real Salt Lake USA MLS 16/05/21 Real Salt Lake 0-0 Nashville SC
08/05/21 Real Salt Lake 1-2 San Jose Jose Earthquakes New York
02/05/21 Real Salt Lake 3-1 Sporting Kansas City.

Probability : ufabet

Los Angeles, the performance has been good lately. Wins 3 from 4 games on the field, the offensive line is quite aggressive, shoots 6 goals, only loses 2 goals, the team condition before going on the field tonight is quite ready, the Salt Lake Real can come back to unlock the victory Again, after not defeating the opponent for 3 games in a row, the confidence has been restored quite a bit. Moved up to 6th place, the statistics of meeting the host is much superior. Today playing in Los Angeles is quite an advantage. The price rate has opened 0.5. Keep pressing. Absolutely no misses

Predicted match result: Los Angeles 2-1
Open rate: Los Angeles
vs 0.5 Confidence: 7/10