Barca fans booed Griezmann, blamed for Messi’s transfer

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Antoine Griezmann, Barcelona forward being booed by football fans while driving to the training ground

Credit: The Sun us.

french striker Being accused by fans that it was his fault that Lionel Messi made the club’s legend. have to leave the team

The reason why Barcelona fans Dissatisfied with Griezmann Probably due to his inability to break out of good form at all. Not worth playing, including with very high wages And also refused to reduce wages or move out of the club. It affects the financial situation of the team until it is unable to extend the contract with Messi.

Jones Laporta, president of FC Barcelona He gave an open interview to reporters just hours after the club’s official announcement that he would part ways with Messi.

Laporta has condemned Barcelona’s previous board, pointing out that it did not control player wages. As a result, the best and most legendary players of the club have to leave the team. Even though Messi wants to stay with the team

He also confirmed that Messi has a lot of offers on the table. Although he did not specify the name of the club of interest.

The Barça president was asked if Messi would stay if La Liga would allow a financial deal to happen, he replied: “We can’t even dream about it. i like dreams But not in this case. We have to talk about the truth.”

“We have an agreement with him. But we cannot register.”

Asked by reporters if Messi wanted to stay, he said: “He wants to stay. Even if our offer is less than what he has received elsewhere.”