“Swimming” is a water sport that competes with time and energy.

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Nowadays, in PE we may see swimming as a subject that is included in the course of study. Because this sport is considered very useful for life. Swimming originally originated around 9,000 years ago and has been with humans for a long time. Swimming is one of the skills of survival.

benefits of swimming

Come in the benefits of swimming some. It can be said that this sport is the least time-consuming sport. when smooth compared to other sporting events that need time It’s a pretty fast race. and must have adequate skills Which affects the body very much. Initially, this sport reduces the impact of all joints. Anyone who plays the sport of swimming has a very low chance of injury. Because the body gets the most flexibility when in the water. Later on the strength of the lungs The swimmers have lungs that are stronger than others because they need to practice breathing fluently. and having to breathe while swimming Later on the subject of a strong and beautiful body. because it is a sport that has moved every part We can clearly see that Most swimmers are in good shape. Importantly, this sport is the basis for almost all other water sports.

Swimming, basic sports to other ufabet sports

Let’s take a look at water sports that require swimming basics, such as underwater dancing. Of course, swimming without dancing underwater would be impossible. Because the athlete must be diving. music accompaniment If you have a good swimming background will have a balance And doing well as well, then polo, playing football in the water. If you don’t have any background in swimming, you can’t play. Because you have to dribble, receive and pass the ball, you must have some balance skills. because the water depth is quite large If you can’t balance, it can be dangerous as well. It also includes various extreme sports in which players must be able to swim. in order to be able to survive when falling from the player such as jet skiing Wakeboarding, sailing, surfing, even if there is a life jacket to support you in the game. But we have the skills to swim. It will make playing these sports more safe.